Demolition Ball

Reference produit : JI_19_033

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Dimensions :
Largeur : 7m
Longueur : 7m
Hauteur : 6m

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Descriptif produits

Chamboule-Tout Humain: A very fun Inflatable Game !

An all-human messy game where you are alternately target or shooter! Get on your pedestal and throw the ball at your opponents until they fall on the inflatable mattress. You will have to grab the ball and send it to your opponents to unbalance them. You can throw or throw the ball in any direction with your hands or even your feet, but be careful, the ball could throw you off balance and knock you down. The Déboul'tout is an ultra fun inflatable animation, everyone will want to try it and compete with their friends, families, colleagues ...

The last one standing wins the game of Déboul'tout !

Each of the 4 players must try to stay on their rattling mushroom-shaped platform without falling. The opponent in front or to the side will do everything to aim at you with the large waterproof ball attached to the center of the crosspiece of the inflatable structure 6 meters from the top. It will be necessary to avoid this ball while keeping the balance otherwise it is the fall. The ball is coming in your direction? Several choices are available to you: avoid it if possible or take it to revive it on your opponents. Who will have the best balance and the most strength to bring down their opponents?

How fun it is to knock over one's comrades! Step up on your pedestal and throw the ball with a lot of swing on your opponents until they fall on the inflatable mattresss. The last man standing wins!

This inflatable swing him off attraction is super fun !!!

Air et Volume invites you to discover the entire range of our inflatable thrilling games with different themes and different challenges.

PVC fabric 650 g/ m² M2 fire-rated.

The price is quoted ex works.

Spécifications techniques

Nombre de joueurs max. : 4
Age conseillé : 8 years & up
Total product weight : 180 kg
Compositions : Toile PVC 650 g/m² certifiée M2
Norme : AFNOR 14960


Accessoires fournis

Repair Kit
Repair Kit
Guarantee 3 years
Guarantee 3 years
Slinging halyard
Slinging halyard
Assembly instructions, logbook and compliance certificate
Assembly instruct...
Floor tarpaulin
Floor tarpaulin
1 Soufflerie 1,1 KW
1 Soufflerie 1,1 KW

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