Un Costume Gonflable en forme de valise pour la SNCF et OuiGo

04 mai 2022

An Inflatable Costume in the shape of a suitcase for the SNCF and OuiGo

Air et Volume helps you never forget your suitcase!

We made, for the company Ouigo and the SNCF, an inflatable costume in the shape of a suitcase as part of a new communication campaign. An animator can thus take place within the inflatable costume and meet travelers in order to raise their awareness of the problems of luggage left behind in stations or on trains. The SNCF wishes to communicate and raise awareness about this problem which is becoming more and more frequent and which has serious consequences on train traffic. The figures communicated by the SNCF are impressive: 200 pieces of luggage forgotten each week, 3,000 trains canceled and 12 million passengers affected in 2021.

Indeed, following the Vigipirate plan, abandoned luggage is identified as a suspicious package if the owner of the luggage does not come forward quickly. A security perimeter is then set up and then deminers intervene to destroy the suitcase. This has the consequences of disrupting the movement of trains with stations and platforms that can be blocked, an interruption of traffic, cancellations and significant delays of certain trains. The SNCF estimates the average duration of intervention when a piece of luggage is forgotten at 2 hours. The consequences for the owner of the baggage can be significant. Thus, in addition to the loss of personal effects, a fine of 216 € is sent to him and a complaint can even be filed if the luggage has had consequences on traffic.

To avoid this, the SNCF asks all users to label their luggage so that they can contact and find the owner quickly. To go even further, a communication campaign has been launched with the watchword: Don't let go of your suitcase. Air et Volume is proud to have manufactured the mascot in an inflatable costume which will be used to relay this communication campaign aimed at OuiGo users.

The inflatable suitcase mascot will thus be present in major stations in France during peak periods (weekends, departures on vacation, etc.). Who will be able to forget their luggage following an original encounter with a giant suitcase?

Inflatable Suitcase Mascot

Why use the inflatable costume?

A mascot in an inflatable costume is a dynamic communication medium that will help the SNCF convey its message more easily. Thanks to an animator, the mascot comes to life and can interact with travelers and thus have their picture taken, distribute flyers or luggage tags... The mascot can be seen from afar and will catch the curious eye of passers-by. Its bright colors, its size and its jovial side will give pep to your communication.

Theinflatable costume offers you many advantages over a traditional costume: The animator can parade almost effortlessly thanks to the flexibility of the costume and its permanent ventilation. It is a suit that is very comfortable to wear and easy to put on. Thanks to the inflatable, the mascot can take on a realistic and much more elegant shape than a simple costume.

SNCF Suitcase Inflatable Costume

An inflatable costume Made in France!

All inflatable costumes are made in our factory located in Nogent-Le-Rotrou in Eure-et-Loir (28). The 3D creation of the mascot is carried out in our design offices, the patterns, the cuts and the sewing work are then carried out in our workshops for a 100% French manufacture.

We do everything we can to guarantee you an inflatable character that looks like your real mascot. We take care, if possible, to make the animator inside the costume invisible so that the magic is even more present. In the case of this mascot, the animator's legs and hands remain visible in order to maintain the rectangular shape of the suitcase, but his face is completely invisible.

We manufacture inflatable costumes for major brands (Bibendum Michelin, Mascottes M&M's, Laughing Cow...) and can make any inflatable costume with the image of your mascot , packaging, product… Contact us for more information on the development of your professional inflatable costume. We invite you to discover our other realizations of inflatable costumes in pictures by clicking on the following link:

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OuiGo Suitcase in Inflatable Costume