Air et Volume a réalisé 10 tirelires gonflables pour les Pièces Jaunes 2022

12 janvier 2022

Air et Volume has produced inflatable tires for the 2022 Pieces Jaunes!

From January 12 to February 5, the Hospitals of France Foundation is launching its Pieces Jaunes charity operation.

We are proud to have made 10 giant inflatable Money Boxes which will help the association communicate throughout the fundraising campaign.

As every year, the aim of the association is to collect as many funds as possible in order to benefit hospitals in France. Historically, the collection of yellow coins is done in piggy banks placed in partner locations (post offices, etc.). For this 2022 edition, everyone can create their own piggy bank with a reusable container: glass jar, cake box... This is why Air et Volume has produced, at the association's request, 10 inflatable structures in the shape of transparent jars.

Inflatable piggy banks featured in the media throughout Operation Pieces Jaunes

These inflatable Money Boxes , made in France in our workshops, will be used throughout the fundraising campaign in order to bring a maximum visibility to the association.

Indeed, these inflatable piggy banks will be visible at many events organized during Operation Pieces Jaunes. They will thus be part of the decor from the launch day with Brigitte Macron on January 12, then during television programs specially dedicated to the association: "12 coups de Midi", "Grand concours des Animateurs" as well as the concert "Symphonie pour life" during the month of January and early February.

Since 1989, Pieces Jaunes has funded more than 9,200 projects in hospitals to improve the daily lives of hospitalized children and adolescents. Many reception areas, building renovations, improvements in the comfort of hospitalized children have thus been achieved.

Air et Volume wishes the French Hospitals Foundation a good fundraising for this 2022 charity campaign.

Inflatable Structures Money Boxes Pièces Jaunes