Kraken Monster Hunter

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Kraken Monster Hunter : An Interactive Game For Your Recreation Area!

This inflatable game in the shape of a Giant Octopus was specially designed for the interactive game Buzz'Flash. The Buzz'flash is included when purchasing the Kraken inflatable structure, this interactive game consists of 10 light targets, a score screen and a speaker. The Karken has several places where you can easily insert the 10 Buzz'Flash targets and a central element for inserting the speaker and scratching the score screen. The installation of Buzz'Flash is very simple! All you need to do is launch the mini-games! You can organize Buzz'Flash mini-game events and tournaments.

3 game modes are available and each of these mini-games sees 2 teams (or 2 players) compete against each other.

A Kraken Inflatable Structure for a unique play atmosphere!

The Kraken is a creature that does not leave you indifferent. Aquatic monster par excellence, it is with courage that it will be necessary to enter the inflatable structure to face this legendary creature. Buzz'Flash targets are positioned on the face and tentacles of the monster, so don't be afraid to challenge the Kraken up close.

This inflatable game can also be used as a simple inflatable structure. You have the choice to use it as a support for Buzz'Flash interactive game but also to use it like any other bouncy castle.

Games available thanks to Buzz'Flash:

Red vs Blue: The team or player who presses the most targets of their color within the time limit wins the game.
The Battle: All targets are lit. You have 2 minutes to extinguish all targets on your team. The first team to extinguish all of their targets wins the game.
The treasure hunt: 1 target per team flashes, you have to press the target of its color so that it stays on. A second target will then start to flash. The player who manages to press the 5 flashing targets first and thus light all these targets wins the mini-game.

Buzz'Flash suitcase included with the purchase of the Kraken Inflatable Game

Spécifications techniques

Nombre de joueurs max. :
Age conseillé : 6 years & up
Total product weight : kg
Compositions : Toile PVC 650 g/m² certifiée M2
Norme : AFNOR 14960


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Floor tarpaulin
Floor tarpaulin
Slinging halyard
Slinging halyard
Guarantee 3 years
Guarantee 3 years
Écran, Cibles et Sono Buzz'Flash
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Repair Kit
Repair Kit
1 Soufflerie 1,1 KW
1 Soufflerie 1,1 KW
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