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Buzz Flash is an Interactive game adaptable to all surfaces !

The BUZZ'FLASH is an innovative interactive game system, it offers a new way to operate and animate your inflatable games! Two teams compete in mini-games of speed. This interactive system brings a playful character to your leisure activity. You can install the targets within an inflatable structure, a wall, a vertical wall ... A screen allows you to display the final scores and follow the progress of the two teams in real time. An enclosure announces to players the start and end of the game.

10 Targets, 2 teams and 3 different game modes !

For each of the game modes, the players are divided into 2 teams: a red team and a blue team. It is very easy to change the game mode (either by using the mobile application or by pressing the Buzz "Start" button for 3 seconds). You can therefore change the game mode at any time.

The 3 Game Modes:

The Challenge, Red vs Blue: Score as many points as possible by hitting your team's targets. Targets light up randomly, you need to tap the most targets of your color.

Ideal structures for this mini-game: This game being a game of speed, Air and Volume advises you to use this game mode in small structures (Beach hut, Pitchounes, Small Complexes, Bouncy castles with obstacles ...)
Here is a video of the game Red vs Blue:

The Battle : All targets are on. You have 2 minutes to extinguish all of your team's targets. The first team to have extinguished all its targets wins the game.

Ideal structures for this mini game: In this game all the targets are on. You can use this mode in any structure even if we advise you to turn to a large structure to take full advantage of this game mode. The Inflatable Courses are quite suitable for this game mode. you can fix the blue buzzes on one side of the course and the red buzzes on the other side. You can thus create frantic races within your inflatable course.

The Treasure Hunt : At the start of the game, only one red target and one blue target flash, all the other targets are off. When a player taps a target, the target stops flashing and stays on until the end of the game. At this moment a second target of the same color will start to flash. The team that has lit these 5 targets first wins the game.

Ideal structures for this mini game: Small or large inflatable structures are ideal for this mini game. Perhaps to avoid on certain types of course because it is sometimes necessary to go back to find its blinking target.

To facilitate the change of games, the recording of high scores or to stop a game during the game, we advise you to install the free application allowing to control the Buzz Flash remotely (to be installed thanks to the QRcode provided user manual or directly on the Play Store).

The 3 Game Modes of Buzz'Flash in our Inflatable Laser Arena:

An interactive system easy to install

The BUZZ'FLASH is supplied with pockets that can be attached to the walls with adhesive Velcro. You can choose the places you want to install your interactive game and even change their positions from time to time. The BUZZ'FLASH interactive system is very easy to remove, so you can operate your inflatable game without BUZZ'FLASH at any time. If you have several inflatable structures do not hesitate to alternate the BUZZ'FLASH on your different structures!

We show you how to set up and how to recharge your BUZZ'FLASH interactive game in our video below:

The BUZZ'FLASH is very easy to transport thanks to the suitcase.

Suitcase including a recharging port, a score display screen, a loudspeaker, 10 rechargeable light targets (battery operated), 10 supports for light targets in PVC tarpaulin, supports mounted on velcro, a support for suitcase.

The light targets, the screen and the loudspeaker are linked together by Bluetooth wireless technology. The dialogue distance between the targets and the screen can be up to 500 meters.

Autonomy of BUZZ'FLASH targets between 12 and 40 hours. Screen and speaker autonomy between 11 and 12 hours with the possibility of leaving them plugged in permanently.

We wish you good entertainment with the interactive game Buzz'Flash!

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