Dino Paddling Pool

Product reference : PG_19_002

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Dimensions :
Width : 7,30m
Length : 7,30m
Height : 3,80m

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An inflatable paddling pool to refresh children

The Dinosaur Inflatable Paddling Pool is an inflatable aquatic game specially designed for the little ones. This game is equipped with a jumping mat, an obstacle in the shape of a dinosaur, a small inflatable shelter in the shape of an eggshell and an aquatic basin. This inflatable structure even offers a shaded area to welcome the children after they have played in the water. This inflatable game can be spotted from afar thanks to its giant dinosaur: Welcome to Jurassic Park!

An inflatable structure that will water you!

The Air and Volume Inflatable Paddling Pool is equipped with a pool that can be filled with water. Our dinosaurs will also spray the children with water jets (a water outlet in the little dinosaur and 2 water outlets on either side of the inflatable structure). The water will gush out and come to sprinkle the children. They'll love splashing and splashing around in this dinosaur-themed inflatable paddling pool.

Dinosaurs: a theme adored by children!

If children had to choose their favorite game theme, the world of dinosaurs would undoubtedly come first. Creatures both ferocious and mysterious fascinate them from an early age. There are countless children's books on the theme of dinosaurs. In this inflatable dinosaur game, we wanted to immerse children in the time of the dinosaurs. They can thus have fun entering the eggshell of a baby dinosaur, having fun in the jet of water spat out by the little dinosaur, stroking the large herbivore... and of course imagining themselves navigating in a small river when they are in the water paddling pool.

An inflatable game with a secure paddling pool

Adults can easily supervise children at the entrance to the attraction, parents can enter the pool themselves and accompany/supervise the children. The Dinosaurs inflatable paddling pool can accommodate a few centimeters of water and to guarantee optimal safety, an overflow is located in a wall of the pool to regulate the height of the water in the paddling pool. It is possible to connect a drain pipe to the overflow as well as install a water circulation pump and a filtration system (both optional) to circulate your water in a closed circuit. We recommend adult supervision when using the paddling pool in water mode.

Technical specifications

Number of players max. : 15
Recommended age : 4 ans et +
Total product weight : 220 kg
Composition : Toile PVC 650 g/m² certifiée M2
Standard : AFNOR 14960
Dimensions Folded Set :


Supplied accessories

Floor tarpaulin
Floor tarpaulin
Repair Kit
Repair Kit
1 Soufflerie 1,5 KW
1 Soufflerie 1,5 KW
Slinging halyard
Slinging halyard
Guarantee 3 years
Guarantee 3 years
Assembly instructions, logbook and compliance certificate
Assembly instruct...

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