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The inflatable Air et Volume costumes


Les Costumes Gonflables Air et Volume


Your inflatable mascot costumes

Costume Gonflable Mascotte

If you want to create magic during your event animations, your inflatable fetish mascot costume will be the essential ambassador for your brand, by its movement, its realism and the total invisibility of the person who is inside.


Made of PU fire-rated fabric, velvet, or fake fur, your mascot will be soft to look at and smooth to touch...

Big and small will love it !

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Your inflatable packaging costume

Costume Gonflable en forme de Packaging

Due to its lightness, its flexibility and its permanent ventilation, the animator can gladly parade during several consecutive hours in the inflatable costume representing your packaging, for a high quality performance and an optimum capitalization of your image !

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Your product as an inflatable costume

Costume Gonflable Produit

From the Very Bad sweet candy to red Babybel cheese, the naughty Beet to the wisecracking MnM's ,

there is only one point in common: the inflatable costume !

One could eat them...

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Technical specifications of Air et Volume's inflatable costumes

Schéma Animateur Costume Gonflable

All our inflatable costumes are manufactured with an M1 fire-rated cover.

They operate with an integrated blower. The blower is powered by a rechargeable battery belt. Battery life: approximately 2 hours.

Maximum time to put on a costume from Air et Volume: 1 minute !

The inflatable costumes are supplied with:

  • A rigid suitcase
  • two battery belts
  • a charger
  • an instruction manual
  • Guarantee : 1 year

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