Things to check before buying a Second-Hand Game - Air et Volume

Things to check before buying a used inflatable game

Have you seen an advertisement for an Air and Volume inflatable game outside of our website?

Before purchasing this used game, Air and Volume gives you the three most important points to check:

1) Inflatable Game Manufacturer's Sheet

An Air et Volume inflatable structure always includes the manufacturer's file: AIR ET VOLUME - 13 RUE SAINTE ANNE -28400 NOGENT LE ROTROU - - tel This is a labeling obligation imposed by Standard AFNOR EN 14960. This sheet is generally present on the front of the game.

2) Documents related to the purchase of an inflatable game 

All AIR AND VOLUME sets were sold, after 2007, with a certificate of conformity in the name of the customer who bought from Air et Volume. A sheet indicating its year of manufacture: you will thus know the age of the game. The S / N of the wind tunnel required to operate the game. You can purchase a duplicate inflatable game certificate of conformity online if the seller does not provide you with this document. In order for us to provide you with this duplicate, we will need to know the name of the game, its reference and the name of the first owner of the game.

3) Check the game status by yourself

In order to avoid unpleasant surprises when making a purchase through a third party, we recommend that you have the game unpacked and inflated by the seller in front of you. You will be able to check:

Its general condition: wet, moldy, dirty, clean ... The list of repairs to be carried out. (If you take pictures, we can give you a repair quote.) Its provenance

In some cases, buying a new inflatable game can be more profitable than buying a used game from a third party and adding the cost of repairs. Buying a new game from Air et Volume also means making sure you have a 3-year warranty.