How to use your Belly Slide in Aquatic mode ? - Air et Volume

How to use your Belly Slide in Aquatic mode ?

The Inflatable Belly Slidee 1 Track in aquatic version :

There are 2 ways to use the 1 track Belly Slide with water :

  • By watering the entrance to the sliding track

We equip our Slides with a garden hose at the head of the sliding track. A pipe passes through the hole in the side to reach the top of the structure. A water nozzle is used to water the start of the slide.

Ventriglisse Gonflable - Orifice pour tuyau d'arrosage

Ventriglisse Gonflable - Orifice pour Tuyau d'arrosage

  • By watering the sliding track over its entire length

You can install a Gardena-type pierced pipe all along the track using the loops provided for this purpose and connect it to a water inlet. You can water the slide as you wish.

Passant pour Tuyau - Arrosage Ventriglisse

Here is a suggested installation :

Schéma Installation Ventriglisse Aquatique

Air and Volume provides the hose for watering the entrance to the slide. The other elements are optional (distributor and drilled pipe).

You can also buy a 1-track Belly Slide pool to receive the water slide. For even faster slides, you can use soap.

The 2-Track Inflatable Belly Slide in aquatic version :

The 2-track inflatable Belly Slide is equipped with loops on the central roll. All you have to do is pass a drilled Gardena-type hose and connect it to a water inlet so that the water can spray the 2 sliding tracks.

Ventriglisse Gonflable - Arrosage de la piste de glisse

You can opt to purchase a 2-run slide reception pool. The slide will end in a big splash !

Bassin Aquatique de réception pour ventriglisse