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How to transform your Inflatable Slide into a Water Slide ?

Do you have a medium or large size Air and Volume inflatable slide (MM or GM range)? It is possible to transform it and use it in an aquatic version! Nothing could be simpler, we give you all the steps to follow for the installation of your garden hose in order to make your slide more refreshing and even faster !

Step 1: Pass your garden hose through the loops on the back of your inflatable slide 

The first step is to run your garden hose (not supplied) from outside the game to the top of the downhill trail.

For this, you will find passers-by on the back of your inflatable slide. You must pass your pipe inside each loop and this over the entire height of the set. Be sure to fix your hose to all the loops available, especially the last one since it is at this place that the connection will be made with the drilled pipe that we provide to you.

For an easier and less dangerous installation, we recommend that you install your hose when the game is deflated.

Passant pour tuyau - Toboggan Gonflable

Step 2: Installation of the drilled pipe in the threads of the slide

You can now inflate your slide in order to install the pierced pipe supplied with your inflatable structure. This pierced pipe will allow you to spray the 2 descents of your slide with fine rain.

Once the Slide is fully inflated, you can climb to the level of the descent platforms with your pierced pipe. You will thus have access to the sewn sleeves located below the net at the start of the 2 downhill runs. These sewn sleeves keep your hose high and prevent children from grabbing it.

For an easy installation, here is the procedure we recommend:

1. Position yourself at the level of the descent located in the middle of the slide. Then pass the pipe with the male end through the opening provided for this purpose in the net towards the other descent of the toboggan.
Installation Tuyau pour Toboggan Gonflable Aquatique
2. Retrieve the pipe with the male end on the other side of the second drop, then pass it through the opening in the net. For a simpler installation, you can have a second person help you.
Installation Tuyau percé pour Toboggan Gonflable Aquatique
3. To get the correct length of hose, pull the hose until it reaches the end of the net. You can take a little longer to make the pipe easier to connect afterwards. 4. You can now insert your pipe into the sewn sleeve..
Installation Toboggan Aquatique Gonflable Installation Toboggan Gonflable Aquatique
 5. Then, bring the hose out at the other end of the net.  6. You can now pass the drilled pipe through the opening provided for this purpose. The pierced hose and your garden hose must meet at the level of the last pass.
Transformation Toboggan Gonflable en aquatique Installation tuyau d'eau pour Toboggan Gonflable
7. Return to the level of the descent of the middle of the slide to pass the rest of the drilled pipe through the second sewn sleeve. Installation is complete when the drilled pipe is in place along the entire length of the second thread.
Note: The hose supplied should normally be longer than expected. We therefore recommend that you remove the female end, cut the pipe to the length you want and then reinstall the end.
Note 2 : You can choose to water only one downspout or both.

Video summarizing the installation of the perforated pipe within the nets of your inflatable slide:

Step 3 : Enjoy your Waterslide !

The last step is to simply connect (if you haven't already done so) your garden hose to the pierced hose. All you have to do is open the valves and enjoy the rain streaming down the downhill tarps of your inflatable slide.

Want an even more fun inflatable slide ?

For even more gliding sensations, you may be interested in our sliding extensions for MM and GM slides as well as our waterproof inflatable pool allowing you to finish your slide in a pool of water. The slide will be even longer and more refreshing.

You may be interested in the following aquatic options:

Piste de Glisse pour toboggan Aquatique Bassin Aquatique pour toboggan gonflable
systeme de filtration pour Toboggan Gonflable Pompe de relevage pour bassin gonflable aquatique

The filtration system will allow you to have always clean water in the aquatic basin. The lift pump will be very practical for operating your aquatic installation in a closed circuit. You will be able to collect the water from your pool to bring it up to the top of your slide so that it waters the sliding slopes. The water will eventually go back down into the pool and then be sent back to the top of the slide and so on.

Discover our range of inflatable slides that can be transformed into water slides 

It is possible to transform the 4 medium model inflatable slides (MM) and the large model slide (GM) into a water slide. The MM inflatable slide is available in 4 different themes (Colors, Jungle, Whale and Space), the descent is from 4.00 meters. The descent of the GM toboggan is from 5.00 meters.

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