How to weight an inflatable water game in your swimming pool ? Air et Volume

How to weight your inflatable water toy in your swimming pool ?

The ballasting of inflatable water games is very important or even mandatory for games that are not attached to the edge of a pool. Air et Volume gives you all the recommendations concerning ballasting in a basin and / or swimming pool.

Depending on the water games, we provide the halyard, the snap hook with swivel and the bungee cord. The waterproof cover for the weight bag is optional, you can buy it directly from our website: Waterproof cover for the weight bag

For inflatable aquatic games that are not attached to the edges of the pool with a rope, we recommend that you follow the following 4 steps.

Schéma Comment Lester son Jeu Gonflable en PiscineStep 1: Put the ballast in the waterproof cover

You can choose sandbags as the ballast. Once your ballast has been inserted into the waterproof cover, all you have to do is close it with the velcro. The cover with ballast must be placed at the bottom of the swimming pool or basin.

Step 2: Attach the halyard and swivel to the ballast bag

Attach a carabiner between the rings of the cover and the special swimming pool halyard (6mm) then fix this halyard to the carabiner with swivel. The swivel can be rotated 360 ° which prevents the halyard from winding up on itself.

Step 3: Attach the bungee cord to the fixing rings and the swivel

Below each of our inflatable water games are fixing rings. Be sure to attach the bungee cord to these fixing rings. The bungee cord is an elastic cord that stretches according to the movements of the game, this allows flexibility in the rope connecting the weight bag to the water game. Be careful not to attach the ballast bag to the game's bindings with a conventional halyard because this would be too rigid and could damage the game's bindings during operation (the rope would pull too much on the bindings).

Step 4: Put the inflatable game in the water

Once the cover with weight bag is securely attached to the inflatable game, you can launch it and choose the location that suits our recommendations for Inflatable Water Games.

For water games operated by the pool, you must attach them to the edge of your pool or at the start of your water line. You can weight them down for more stability.

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