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How to choose your Aquatic Game for swimming pool ?

Here are the 4 key points to choose the professional inflatable game that will be compatible with your pool and which will offer you a fun and original activity :

1. Define your need : a waterproof or ventilated inflatable game?

Choosing an inflatable Aquatic GameA sealed inflatable set remains inflated after the inflation valve is closed. You can launch it and let it float without using a blower (this is the same principle as an inflatable buoy).

On the contrary, a ventilated inflatable game necessarily needs a permanently closed blower. The blower keeps the game inflated throughout its duration of use (example: ventilated course or ventilated slide). The connection sleeve to the blower measures 10 meters.

2. Define the location: Where to position your inflatable aquatic game ?

Three solutions are available to you :

  • Position your game on the edge of the pool

Jeu Aquatique Gonflable en bord de PiscineThis is the most common case, just attach the entrance to the game to the edge of your pelvis. If you have water lines this will easily delimit your playing area. A very simple solution to set up. The games will either be fixed to the water lines or ballasted.

For a water game attached to the edge of your pool, make sure to leave a minimum space of 3 meters between the edge of the pool and each of the 3 remaining sides of the inflatable game. These recommendations are to be followed for a ventilated aquatic course or for any game placed on the water of the swimming pool.

Note: A ventilated inflatable game must be located at the edge of the pool (the blower must be outside the pool).

  • Position your game in your swimming pool

Un Jeu Gonflable Aquatique au milieu de sa piscineIn our range of waterproof aquatic games you have the choice between small course modules that you can use both at the edge of the pool or anywhere in your pool. We also have some autonomous water games that can only be used in the heart of your swimming pool (Inflatable trampolines, Aqua Basket, Saturne Coloré, Rockers, Rollers, Snake PM ...)

For a watertight aquatic game not secured to the edge of the swimming pool, care must be taken to leave a space of at least 3 meters between the edge of the swimming pool and each of the sides of the game. The waterproof inflatable game being floating, it sometimes moves. depending on the activity of your swimmers. For this you must fix a weight bag with bungee cord (elastic rope) at the bottom of the pool which will prevent your game from getting too close to the edges of your pool.

  • Position a slide outside your pool

Inflatable Aquatic SlideThis scenario only applies to our water slides specially designed for swimming pools. The inflatable pool slide is installed at the edge of your pool and not on the water. As with our ventilated water courses, our water slides are equipped with a permanent blower. To ensure optimal safety, protective nets are present on the entire upper part of the slides. Care must be taken to allow the small receiving mattress to protrude towards the pool basin. Indeed, the floating landing mattresses allow you to land in the water far from the edge.

Our water slides have an entrance on one of the two sides of the attraction. Users must therefore exit the pool to access the slides. It's a very simple game to set up, just plug in the blower and you're ready to go.

3. Choose an inflatable structure adapted to the depth of your pool

Inflatalbe Aquatic Course (Height of the game + 1.80m) / 2 Before choosing an inflatable aquatic game, it is necessary to make a calculation in order to know the depth of water necessary for a safe operation of the game. The calculation formula is expressed as follows:

We invite you to take a look at all of our recommendations for water games in order to operate your inflatable water game in complete safety.

These rules apply to all swimming pools: municipal swimming pools, parks for water games, camping swimming pools, aquatic centers, etc.

4. Choose one or more games according to your budget

Modules Gonflables Aquatiques pour création de ParcoursOur catalog includes aquatic inflatables for all budgets. We can therefore offer you small aquatic modules from € 650 excluding VAT up to large ventilated aquatic courses at € 3,290 excluding VAT. It is possible to buy several waterproof water play modules and put them together to make your own course or to use them individually. For a slightly higher budget, we also offer for sale inflatable slides for swimming pools specially designed to land on the edge of the pools.

We also sell inflatable aquatic pools to accommodate aquatic activities such as: bumper boats, Mississippi boats, inflatable aquatic bubbles, etc.

If you want us to choose together the model that will suit you best, you can call us on or send us a message through our contact form.

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