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The essentials to know before buying a used inflatable game

1) The Games of Opportunity are completely revised by Air et Volume

All the inflatables that we sell used are professional inflatable games that are first reviewed with the utmost seriousness by our team. A complete diagnosis of the state of the game is made: we check the condition of the mattress, obstacles, nets, fasteners, sleeves, tarpaulins, water outlets, etc. Following the analysis of the clearance, a list of repairs is established and the clearance passes through our workshop so that we can perform all the necessary operations. This is to guarantee you a game with optimal quality despite a few months or years of operation.

Damaged obstacles are repaired or replaced. Those in poor condition are removed. The damaged seams are redone, the perforated tarpaulins are either repaired or redone according to their state of wear. Patches are welded if the game has holes on the unsolicited areas.

Jeu d'Occasion Gonflable Air et Volume

This is the case, for example, with this inflatable slide where we removed the obstacles, put a reinforcement band on the mattress of the main entrance, replaced the ascent and descent tarpaulins and replaced the protective net at the top. Game.

After repairs, all used games are washed and checked before their second life. To see all of our currently available opportunities, we invite you to discover our second-hand inflatable games section.

2) A scale to assess the state of play

The used Air and Volume inflatable games are games that have mostly been in use for several years. In order to give you an overview of the wear of an inflatable game, we provide you with an indicator on the status of the inflatable game. This scale rates the condition of the set of Nine (for models of exhibitions at our trade shows) to Medium. Games in very poor condition will not be relisted or taken back.

New: The game is new and has only been used as an exhibition model

Very good condition: Unused play - Negligible wear.

Good condition: Game with little wear.

Fair Condition: Game showing normal wear marks inherent to its operation but without impacting the game.

Medium: Game having been used a lot. Wear marks are present (eg small holes in the reinforcement bands). Damaged obstacles could be removed. Our repairs keep the game.

3) Wear marks inherent in used games

We repair and clean all of our used games before we sell them. (This explains why some games are available immediately while others are not yet available). However, there may be some signs of wear and tear on the most used second hand games.

Tasks : All our used games are cleaned, washed and dried carefully before sending to the customer. However, it happens that games remain stained. This is the case, for example, with traces of limestone for water games as well as for inflatable games installed at the water's edge.

Jeu d'Occasion Gonflable Air et Volume

Small holes in the mattress reinforcements: Sometimes small holes are present in the mattress reinforcement bands without this affecting the good performance of the game. This is normal wear after a few years of use.

Jeu d'Occasion Gonflable révisé par Air et Volume

Presence of dust, grains of sand ...: Inflatable games previously used on the beach or on earthy ground can keep dust inside the mattress. When the blower inflates the play, this dust can enter the play through the seams. It is very difficult to vacuum all of this dust inside the game, so there may still be dust when you receive your game.

Sun: A game exposed to UV rays from the Sun for several years will have a slightly duller color than a new game.

Usure Jeu d'Occasion Gonflable Air et Volume

4) Accessories

Our second-hand inflatable games are delivered with their blowers, ground covers, a repair kit, assembly instructions and their certificate of conformity. The second-hand Air and Volume games are guaranteed for 3 months.