Inflatable Structures and Decorations - Custom Inflatable

Giant Decorations and Inflatable Structures

Les Structures Gonflables et Décors Gonflables réalisés par Air et Volume

A giant Santa Claus for the Christmas events, a huge coupe for a sporting final, a decoration for the scenography of a museum, an advertising medium for a company ... Each event has its inflatable decoration ! This allows you to immediately identify your event and attract young and old alike. Studied in our workshops to be resistant and solid, the inflatable decor will be able to be installed and uninstalled, transported, stored, without difficulty and without being damaged. Discover our different ranges of inflatable decorations and choose the one that corresponds to your activity. And don't forget: each inflatable decoration is customizable.


Inflatable for Christmas

Décors Gonflables de Noël

Choose an Inflatable Structure for Christmas !

For the holiday season, decorate your store, gallery, shopping center or any space with a giant inflatable structure specially designed for Christmas.

Let the magic of Christmas take over your mall ! Children and adults will want to take photos in front of the giant inflatable structures and immerse themselves in the festive atmosphere of this time of year. In faux fur the illusion is perfect. Giant Santa Claus, snowmen, reindeer, polar bears etc… all your ideas come to life thanks to Air et Volume.

Discover the Inflatable Structures for Christmas


Inflatable Structures for Sporting events

Structures Gonflables pour le Sport

Un produit gonflable pour tous les évènements !

An inflatable product for all Events ! You are the organizer or partner of a sports tournament, a national championship or a major sporting event broadcast all over the world? Consider buying an oversized inflatable for a successful animation !

Organizer, create excitement and dynamism around your sporting event with inflatable decorations that can be seen from afar. Partner of an event, get spotted with a giant and powerful inflatable structure to capture the attention of spectators.

With its experience and its know-how to create inflatable decors, Air et Volume demonstrates unlimited creativity. Childishly simple to install and aesthetically breathtaking, the inflatable advertising decoration will be the highlight of the day or the evening.


Discover the Inflatable Structures for Sporting Events


Inflatable Decors for Cultural events / Arts

Structures Gonflables pour la Culture

The Inflatable meets Arts and Cultural events !

AIR ET VOLUME, French manufacturer of inflatable POS, participated in the design of many inflatable decorations for cultural events. Air et Volume has put its expertise to the production of quality decors for :

  • Cinema (presence of inflatable sets in several films as well as advertising inflatable structures)
  • TV Shows (historically with Intervilles)
  • Theatre
  • Radio
  • Museums
  • Art Exhibitions
  • Advertising etc ...


Discover the Inflatable Structures for Cultural Events


Inflatable Structures for Stores

Structure Gonflable pour Magasins

A giant inflatable advertisement for your brand !

Use Air et Volume to animate and decorate the front of your store, the gallery of your shopping center or your itinerant point of sale with a giant inflatable product. Our oversized inflatable structures can be seen from afar and will offer great visibility to your brand and your products. The inflatable decoration is a real marketing weapon !

Giant mascot, inflatable advertising man or oversized advertising object, Air et Volume listens to you for the design and production of your own custom inflatable decoration.


Discover the Inflatable Structures for Stores 


Inflatable Health Structures

Structures Gonflables pour la Santé

Le gonflable au service de la santé !

As part of the prevention of certain diseases and cancers, Air et Volume has developed in collaboration with laboratories as well as doctors of giant inflatable structures.

For example, our team designed and produced a giant colon and a giant inflatable prostate. These inflatable organs have been the subject of several tours in many hospitals. A fun and original way to raise awareness about diseases.


Discover the Inflatable Structures for Health


Other Inflatable Structures

Nos Réalisations de Structures et Décors Gonflables

An inflatable architecture for all your events !

To mark the spirits during a particular event, whether it is a question of a fair, a party or a professional activity, the use of inflatable advertising decoration is a solution to seriously consider.

Air et Volume was proud and privileged to work for large projects. To find inspiration and have as soon as possible a high-quality, tailor-made event inflatable structure that will meet with great success, choosing Air et Volume manufacturing is a natural choice.


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