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Inflatable Signs by Air et Volume


Inflatable Arches

Nos réalisations d'Arches Gonflables

A Boost in visibility !

An inflatable arch is essential to show the colors of your company during an event. An inflatable arch is a truly essential tool for impactful communication.

Having good event signage helps to attract curiosity, allows prospects to better understand the brand or the name of the company and thus attract more visitors!

Stand out by entrusting us with your event signage project. AIR ET VOLUME has met its technical expertise and its experience at your service for a qualitative and personalized manufacturing of your original Arch.

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Inflatable Tents, Stands and Igloo Tents

Nos réalisations de Tentes Gonflables

The Inflatable Advertising Tent : An essential shelter for all your external commercial actions !

Our inflatable tents are available in all shapes and sizes. In the shape of an igloo, square, waterproof or ventilated, small or large, we are at your disposal to design the tent adapted to your needs.

All our models of inflatable tents are easy to transport, simple to set up and resistant to bad weather. Each piece of event signage is designed and tailor-made in our workshops and meets current manufacturing and safety standards.

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Inflatable Pillar Columns

Nos réalisations de Totems Gonflables

What is better than an inflatable advertising totem to announce your presence at an event ?

Our inflatable totems, like all our other inflatable advertising signs, are available in all shapes and sizes, individually or in series.

Our inflatable signage is fully customizable for unique advertising. We are at your disposal to answer your questions, your expectations and your needs Flexibility of use, ease of transport and maintenance, reliability make each

AIR ET VOLUME inflatable signage is a powerful asset for active communication! Discover our totems and inflatable advertising columns without further ado.

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Air Dancers

Nos réalisations de Sky Dancers Gonflables

Air Dancers : A Dynamic Advertising signage !

Air Dancers (also called Air Man, Tube Man, Sky Dancers ...) are inflatable tubes commonly used as advertising devices in front of a store or during festive events. This is simple but very effective inflatable signage because the skydancer's movements can be seen from far away. Indeed the blower moves the inflatable man in all directions !

Depending on your request, these inflatable tubes can have arms or legs as well as the color or colors of your choice, your logos ... Ventilation is done using a blower at the foot of the tube.

Selon votre demande, ces tubes gonflables peuvent au choix posséder des bras ou des jambes ainsi que la ou les couleurs de votre choix, vos logos… La ventilation se fait à l’aide d’une soufflerie au pied du tube.

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Inflatable sports structures

Nos Réalisations de Terrains Sportifs Gonflables

The inflatable Sport Structures, an essential tool for your :

  • summer or winter tours
  • educational and initiation events
  • fun activities
  • road shows
  • promotional events
  • signposting

Boost the space, and stand out!

Allow yourself the optimal and safe exposure with the Air et Volume inflatable structures.

Flexibility of use, quick installation, easy to transport, store and do maintenance on.

Fixed or Velcro retractable banners to enhance your sponsors.

Air et Volume proposes storage, maintenance and cleaning throughout the year to ensure the longevity of your inflatable structures.

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