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Inflatable POS/POP advertising

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Inflatable Mascots and Characters

Mascotte Pampers


Perfect for store dramatization, inflatable point-of-sale advertising comes in the form of your mascot !

Your inflatable POS is custom designed and available in any size so your customers can spot your mascot and brand at a glance.

A dynamic inflatable POS for efficient communication in stores. An Inflatable Mascot to optimize your visibility at the point of sale.

The Inflatable POS is a quick advertisement to install in a sales area. It is easily transported and stored. Once inflated, the mascot attracts all eyes!

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Inflatable POS packaging


With your oversized and valued inflatable product. Your original POS will capture the attention of your customers and trigger the act of purchase.

Each AIR ET VOLUME inflatable POS, by its originality and its design, will surprise, energize and color your promotional space! Original POS solutions in small and large series, in small and large sizes (mini POS or giant POS).

Everyone will remember your product or your packaging. A stand to animate in store? Don't hesitate any longer and opt for an inflatable advertisement bearing the image of your product !

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PLV Packaging Gonflable Oral B


Inflatable POS bottles and cans

Vignette PLV Bouteille

Your inflatable POS drink

Trusting Air and Volume for the manufacture of your Inflatable POS is ensuring : A unique inflatable advertisement for a successful store dramatization.

An inflatable advertising structure taking the exact shape of your drink. An enlargement of your product for maximum visibility. We listen to you and respond to all your needs when designing your inflatable POS or bottle POS displays.

All our inflatable bottles and cans are reproduced identically with the same logos, the same colors, the same marking as on your drinks.

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Our other Inflatable POS

Inflatable POS adapts to all tastes

Your logo, a banner, an event inflatable, advertising balloons, a hot air balloon, an object that we want to promote or an advertising message during street marketing operations...

All our inflatable POS displays are fully customizable! Air et Volume offers you as many personalized inflatable POSs to optimize your visibility in the store.

In addition, the inflation of your POS is done very quickly. Storage, maintenance and cleaning are offered throughout the year to ensure the longevity of your inflatable POS.

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