Bull Rodeo

Château Gonflable avec Taureau pour enfants
Product reference : SS_18_073

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Dimensions :
Width : 3,40m
Length : 4,40m
Height : 2,70m

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A Bouncy Castle with a Bull on rubber bands!

Ready to discover an inflatable game like no other? This bouncy castle is equipped with a small inflatable bull in suspension. Children can climb on the back of the bull to find themselves in the air and try to stay as long as possible on the animal.

A Rodeo animation for children!

The Bull Rodeo is a hectic inflatable game! Just climb on the bull and stay on it as long as possible. It seems easy but it is far from being the case because by positioning yourself on the bull the rubber bands will stretch and each movement will make the animal sway as if you were taking part in a real rodeo. Hold on tight to the horns so you don't fall. Kids in the game can also have fun rocking the bull to make the rodeo even more challenging. Our inflatable bull will amuse more than one!

It is also possible to attach ropes to the bull, so people outside the game can pull on the ropes to destabilize the inflatable animal and make the attraction even more complicated. Sitting comfortably on the bull will be a real challenge!

A Safe Inflatable Bull Rodeo

The Rodeo bouncy castle is equipped with a large inflatable mattress that will gently catch falls. Protective nets are present all around the game in order to secure the playing area as much as possible. The inflatable structure meets the AFNOR safety standards in force.

Technical specifications

Number of players max. : 10
Recommended age : 2 years & up
Total product weight : 120 kg
Composition : Toile PVC 650 g/m² certifiée M2
Standard : AFNOR 14960
Dimensions Folded Set :


Supplied accessories

Assembly instructions, logbook and compliance certificate
Assembly instruct...
Guarantee 3 years
Guarantee 3 years
1 Soufflerie 1,1 KW
1 Soufflerie 1,1 KW
Repair Kit
Repair Kit
Floor tarpaulin
Floor tarpaulin
Slinging halyard
Slinging halyard

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