Belly Slide Wolf
Belly Slide Wolf
18m x 2,60m x 5,50m
Recommended age : 6 years & up
Total product weight : 250 KG
Price €3,580.00/H.T.
In stock
City Slide
City Slide
30m x 3,50m x 2m
Recommended age : 6 years & up
Total product weight : 200 KG
Price €2,785.00/H.T.
In stock

What is the belly slide?

The Bellyslide is, as its name suggests, a slide on the belly. It is a very popular activity which consists of running and then throwing yourself flat on your stomach on a slippery track that has been sprayed beforehand with water and soap with the sole aim of going as far as possible. The slide is done only on the belly and the big winner is the person who made the longest slide. It is an increasingly popular activity, a French federation of ventriglisse was even born a few years ago.

The Inflatable Belly Slide by Air and Volume

Air et Volume designs inflatable Ventriglisses to liven up all your leisure areas! Our large inflatable sliding tracks allow you to recreate this activity in complete safety. Our inflatable structures meet the AFNOR standards in force in order to guarantee you maximum peace of mind. Adults, but also children, will be able to test this extraordinary animation.

By opting for the purchase of a ventriglisse, you will be able to offer your customers a new, original and atypical activity. All you have to do is take your momentum, jump and then slide on your stomach along the entire length of our inflatable sliding tracks. For even more fun, you can use soap and add a water basin (which we offer as an option) at the end of the belly slide.

Even if we advise you to use the ventriglisses with water so that the slide is faster, more refreshing ... and more fun, this game can also be used outside the summer period without water, the slide will take place then thanks to the gliding aprons supplied with each ventriglisse.

In the same principle as the ventriglisse, we offer for sale a sliding track concept called City Slide composed of 30 meter long modules that can be assembled to each other in order to create a gigantic sliding track.

The Inflatable Ventriglisse: an Animation at the top!

It is an essential game to animate campsites, playgrounds, leisure parks. Everyone will want to try ventriglisse and try to go as far as possible. Moreover, at the end of the slide, it is usual for players to try their luck again one or more times in order to go further to beat their record and the performances of their friends, families, colleagues... but also because it is a very fun and entertaining activity.

The ventriglisse can be installed anywhere very easily, just unfold the structure and connect the permanent blower. You can also offer your customers this entertainment for their events: EVJF, birthdays... It is an essential and refreshing entertainment in summer and which will make many people laugh!

We offer different models of ventriglisses in 1 or 2 tracks and in different themes. Do you want several sliding slopes within the same structure or a change in the dimensions of your ventriglisse? No problem ! We can create a custom-made inflatable ventrigliss model just for you with the desired length and number of sliding tracks.