Soufflerie 480W
Soufflerie 480W
Total product weight : 10 KG
Price €184.00/H.T.
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Do you need a new blower for your inflatable game? You are in the right place !

In this section, you will find all our blowers for inflatable structures. They are available with different powers to adapt to all your inflatable games. The 1.1, KW (1.5 HP) blower allows you to inflate the small inflatable castles in our catalog (Pitchounes, small complexes, inflatable circuits, etc.) the 1.5 KW (2 HP) blower allows you to inflate larger structures (large bouncy castles, slides, courses...). We also offer more specific blower models such as the helical blower to inflate inflatable tunnels but also Sky Dancers as well as the 480W blower compatible with our inflatable mini-games.

Note: When purchasing a new ventilated inflatable game, the blower(s) is provided with rare exceptions. The electric inflator is optional when purchasing our waterproof games (water games, water pools, etc.) A used blower is provided with the purchase of a used inflatable game.

Spare parts and options for your blowers

We offer the purchase of accessories such as soundproofing casings to reduce the noise of your blower as well as dust boxes limiting the accumulation of dirt inside the blower. These accessories allow a better exploitation of your blower as well as a better maintenance.

Does your blower need a new part? You can buy your spare part directly online.