The inflatable paddling pool: An aquatic pool in an inflatable game!

The inflatable paddling pool is a water game specially designed for the youngest. These inflatable games are equipped with a pool that can receive a few centimeters of water and thus serve as a small pool to wet the children. They will be delighted to be able to wade and splash.

For even more splashes, our inflatable paddling pools are equipped with several water jets located in the various obstacles of the game. Children will be able to have fun splashing around in this water attraction! It is an ideal inflatable game to liven up your outdoor playground during hot summer days.

An inflatable paddling pool that can be used all year round

Our inflatable paddling structures are equipped with an aquatic system that you may or may not use. It's up to you to use your inflatable paddling pool with water when the weather and temperature are suitable, but also without water when the conditions are less favorable for aquatic activities. You can thus, when the heat is not there, fill the basin with balls for ball pools. Our inflatable structures can thus be installed both outdoors and indoors.

How does the Inflatable Paddling Pool work in aquatic mode?

Each paddling pool is equipped with 3 water outlets: 2 located in the posts at the back of the game and 1 located in one of the obstacles at the front of the game (the whale for the sea paddling pool, the cactus for the Indian paddling pool and the baby dinosaur for the dino paddling pool). Each water outlet corresponds to a flexible hose which is located inside the inflatable structure. These 3 pipes are then linked together and accessible by one of the zippers in the game. We provide a splitter which is used to connect these 3 pipes. All you have to do is connect your garden hose (not supplied) to the splitter and turn on the tap. The water will thus gush from the 3 places to spray the inflatable game and the children! The water will then fill the paddling pool (You can also fill it beforehand). An overflow is located in the basin to prevent the water level from being too high. To avoid wasting water and always have the jets in action, we advise you to purchase a pump to operate the paddling pool in a closed circuit. The water coming out of the overflow is directly returned to the installation. We also offer an optional filtration system allowing you to always have clean water.

An inflatable water structure for children

Easily create an aquatic space for children by offering the inflatable paddling pool activity. Our inflatables are available in several themes and fit easily into an inflatable play area. It is possible to operate our inflatable paddling pools with or without water. We offer 3 different themes of inflatable paddling pools: Sea, Dinosaur and Indians. We can, on request, create a unique inflatable paddling pool with the theme and decorations of your choice.