Do you want to buy a surprising bouncy castle? Think of the Molle Mountain!

La Montagne Molle is a bouncy castle with an unstable mattress. This attraction is also called soft dome because of the curved shape of this unstable mattress. The particularity of the soft dome makes it very easy to sink and it is very difficult to keep your balance. When walking on the soft mountain, the whole mattress moves, the more players moving on the air pocket, the more difficult it will be not to fall. Children (but also adults!) will want to try this original and fun game.

A Soft Dome to liven up your inflatable playground

The Molle Mountain is a great classic among inflatable games, all children will want to stand up as long as possible. Whoever falls causes the dome to collapse, making the balance even more complex and resulting in cascading falls for all other players. Clever little guys will purposely jump on the soft mountain to make the other players lose their balance.

Our bouncy castle with soft dome will be one of the most popular attractions in your playground and one that brings together the most curious people: it's a game as fun to test as it is to watch. Laughter is guaranteed!

The Molle Mountain: having fun in complete safety!

The Inflatable Soft Mountain is an inflatable attraction that meets AFNOR EN 14960 European safety standards. The structure of our soft mountains allows play in complete safety. The children will fall on an inflatable mattress that dampens all the stunts. In addition, these bouncy castles have areas around the soft dome so that children can get out of the attraction in a serene way. Protective nets are all around our soft domes allowing very good supervision of children.

Are you interested in a Soft Mountain in your colors? We can make a soft dome just for you! This original inflatable attraction can thus be adapted to any park, playground, party, event, etc. An ideal game for children!