Circuit avec chicane
Circuit avec chicane
25m x 12m x m
Total product weight : 140 KG
Price €3,440.00/H.T.
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An Inflatable Circuit to liven up your play area!

Our inflatable circuits are designed for racing small motorized or non-motorized vehicles: karts, bicycles, tricycles or even remote-controlled cars. Children and adults will all want to be the fastest on the inflatable circuit and be at the forefront. All that remains is for the drivers to get into their vehicle, join the starting grid of the inflatable circuit, wait for the starting signal... and off we go for a competition where speed and technique of conduct will be the allies of the candidates. A right turn to negotiate, the opponent to catch up quickly, quickly the first place on the podium is not far away. Who will triumph and win the race?

Our models of inflatable circuits offer more or less difficulty depending on the course. We thus offer simple circuits but also circuits with chicanes. The inflatable circuit by Air and Volume is ideal for all your activities and events!

Speed ​​and emotions on the inflatable circuit

The circuit for children is a play structure that can be installed both outdoors and indoors. You can therefore organize races, tournaments, mini-championships throughout the year. Who will be the next Schumacher or Hamilton?

This structure allows children to learn how to drive small machines: electric cars, small karts... These activities within the circuit will allow them to have fun while racing. They will certainly have their first sensations of speed!

Just the sight of an inflatable circuit and the promise of acceleration and sporty driving will fill children with happiness: they will be delighted to discover entertaining animations that they are probably not used to trying. . Our inflatable circuits will be the scene of overtaking of all kinds.

Drive within your circuit in complete safety

Manufacturer of games and inflatable structures for more than 30 years, the quality of our products and the safety of their users are our main concerns. For this, all our inflatable circuit models comply with AFNOR EN 14960 standards. Their PVC canvas is M2 certified.

These circuit-shaped inflatables are simple to set up and take up little space when folded for easy transport and storage.

For more information on the inflatable circuit, or for a request for a tailor-made inflatable circuit, do not hesitate to contact us.