copy of Electric winder (800) for inflatable games

Product reference : DV_21_065_ CH

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The double axle electric winder for inflatable games helps you to fold your inflatable game (weight up to 600 kg) without effort !!!

Save time and space by folding your inflatable games perfectly. A product made in USA which will spare you lumbar pain.

What they think about it:

  • "Every Sunday night during two years we had to fold up the 300 kg game with four people !!!!
  • I just tried the winder: I am impressed!!!"

- Salons Leopold

  • "This changes your life!"

- C Gonflé

  • "I looked at the video: I can't believe it !"

- K. Dupuy

  • "We have been renting inflatable games for 6 years now. We came to think the following: either we find something to help us, or we stop ! We started using the electric winder 400 from Air et Volume 2 months ago, and it has changed our life!"

- Isula Events

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